Why Jesus came to this world

The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 10 - Jesus' arrest and appearance at court - Part 13

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The Jewish rulers knew that Jesus would damage their authority and power. That is why they opposed Him. Jesusí *miracles were what interested many of the crowds. They were not loyal to what he said. Even the *disciples were selfish. They expected the *kingdom to begin immediately, and they argued about the chief places in the *kingdom. Peter even said that he did not know Jesus. This was a terrible failure.

But Jesus came to die for people like this. He left *heaven, where God is. He came to earth, to suffer and to die. Jesus said this, to describe the purpose of his life:

Matthew 20:28  The Son of Man [Jesus] did not come so that men could serve him. He came to serve. He came to give his life to rescue many people from *sin.

Jesus came to rescue us from *sin

Jesus today invites us to receive him as our *Lord. If we *repent, then God will forgive us. Jesus wants to give us the *Holy Spirit. The *Holy Spirit will help us to obey Jesus. But it will not be easy. His way took him to the *cross. Like him, we must serve others. In this world, we may have to suffer. But God will reward us. God will give us real life, which will continue in *heaven.

Read:  Matthew 26 and 27


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