The curtain: the whole earth shakes

The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 11 - The *crucifixion of Jesus - Part 4

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Three o'clock

Jesus died at 3.00 p.m.. [That is, 3 o'clock in the afternoon.]

This was the very time that the Jews killed the Passover Lamb in the temple. [The temple was the special building in Jerusalem where the Jews met to give honour to God. The Passover Lamb was a young sheep. The Jews killed the lamb to remember that God had rescued their people. They had been slaves in Egypt. But God freed them. And God saved them from death.]

This time is also important to us. Jesus is like our Passover Lamb, because he died for us.

Also, at the same moment, the curtain of the Temple tore. It tore from its top, down to the ground. This curtain protected the most important part of the Temple (Matthew 27:51). This shows us that we can now be close to God. God loves us like a father does. We can now be his children. Jesus made this possible. When Jesus died, he paid for our *sin.

Also at this moment, the whole earth shook. Many ancient *prophets became alive again. Many people saw them.

The way that Jesus behaved in court and on the *cross, was wonderful. When the Roman officer there saw this, and the other events, he said, ‘Surely, this man was the Son of God.’


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