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The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 4 - Jesus, the great teacher - Part 16

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Learn how to teach

Crowds of people came to Jesus and he taught them (Mark 10:1). Jesus was a great teacher. He taught the crowds, and he also taught his *disciples. He was patient with them, even when they did not believe in him. This should make us think about what we do. We should:

  Behave like Jesus

  Be patient with people

  Teach only the truth

  Do the things that the Bible teaches

Questions that we should ask when we teach

We all need to think about this. We should ask ourselves these important questions:

  Do we need to change the way that we teach?

  Do we need to change the way that the church teaches?

  How can we become more like Jesus, who was the Great Teacher?

We need good teachers

We need good teachers because often we have wrong ideas. Sometimes we do not believe everything that we should believe. So, our ideas are wrong.

The Jews thought that there would be a *kingdom on earth, at once. They expected the *Messiah to have political power. They expected a leader who would defeat the Romans. Then the Jews would have their own nation again. But this idea was wrong.

What Jesus came to do was much better. He came to die on the *cross so that God could forgive our *sins. He came to send the *Holy Spirit to teach us Godís ways. This gives us a wonderful hope for the future. Nothing can stop or destroy this. Jesus used simple stories to teach these truths. He talked about things that everybody would know. His examples came from the lives of the people. Certainly, nobody else ever spoke like Jesus.

May God help us to speak to people today in a similar way.

Reading: Matthew 5-7


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