God *blesses you when you help other people to live at peace.

The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 4 - Jesus, the great teacher - Part 9

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Matthew 5:9

When we study the *beatitudes, we can think about two of them together. A person who is poor in *spirit (verse 3) will forgive other people (verse 7). A person who is sad because of *sin (verse 4) will desire to have a pure heart (verse 8). A humble person (verse 5) will live at peace with other people (verse 9). [When people are 'at peace', they are not angry with other people. They try not to argue. And they forgive each other's mistakes.]

A jealous and proud person thinks that he is very important. He causes troubles and arguments. If the man is powerful like a king, he might even cause wars. He cannot live at peace with other people. He cannot help other people to live at peace with each other.

Who can help other people to live at peace?

You might ask, 'Who can help other people to live at peace?' Only someone who believes that these *beatitudes are true.

A peacemaker

A peacemaker is a person who wants to live at peace. He wants other people to live at peace. First of all he wants people to have peace with God. [A person has peace with God if God has forgiven that person's *sins.] There can be no true peace without this. People only pretend to have peace, if they have no peace with God. If you pretend to have this peace, it will not last. The most important thing is that men should have peace with God. If you want to help other people to have peace, first you must be a real Christian. You must know that Christ has given you a new life. You must be sure that God has forgiven you for your *sin.  


*Sermon on Mount [Mountain] *beatitudes: poor in *spirit | sad  | humble | desire for goodness | forgive | pure heart | make peace | when other people attack


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