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The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 4 - Jesus, the great teacher - Part 11

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More about the *Sermon on the Mountain

The *Sermon on the Mountain does not just contain the *beatitudes. Jesus' sermon says many things about the *Kingdom of God. The *sermon shows us how we can please God. And the *sermon helps us to understand God's great love and his goodness.

The pattern of a Christian life

As we read to the end of Matthew chapter 7, we can learn more from Jesus. This *sermon is not a collection of separate thoughts. Jesus shows us the pattern of a Christian life. When we have a great desire to be good (Matthew 5:6) we ask God to help us. He *blesses us when we ask him. This has an effect on our lives. It has an effect on how we live in the world. We learn to forgive other people. We obey Christ. So, we do what he wants. We live at peace with other people and help them to do this too. [When people are 'at peace', they are not angry with other people. They try not to argue. And they forgive each other's mistakes.]

A purpose for life

God *blesses us for a reason. He gives us a purpose for life. Each person has special tasks to do for God.

The process described in the *sermon is continuous. As we get closer to God, so we are more aware that need God's *Holy Spirit. The *Holy Spirit will teach us how to serve God. We greatly desire him.

The greatest lesson that anyone has ever taught

The *Sermon on the Mountain (Matthew chapters 5-7) is probably the greatest lesson that anyone has ever taught. It contains deep knowledge about the problems of human nature. And the *sermon contains God's promise that he will solve these problems. The other sections of the sermon teach us more about how to live a good life.

Jesus impressed everyone who heard this *sermon.


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