The *Feast of Tabernacles: Jesus was present, even although there was danger

The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 7 - Jesus visits Jerusalem - Part 2

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Although there was danger, Jesus went to Jerusalem for the *feast. But he did not go publicly. He went in secret. Then, when the *feast had begun, he sat in the *Temple. He began to teach there, just as he had before. Immediately people noticed him (John 7:26, 27). The leaders of the people did not know what to do. They did not know how to accuse Jesus. But they did not want to do nothing. They did not want people to think that they approved of him. They sent soldiers to watch him and to listen to him. Then they told the soldiers to arrest him (John 7:32).

The last opportunity to trust Jesus

The last day of this great *Feast came. Jesus was in the *Temple. He knew that many people in the crowd would never hear him again. This was their last opportunity to trust him.

Jesus had come to rescue people from the wrong things that they had done. He wanted them now to know about this. There were soldiers in front of him, but he spoke more clearly then ever before. He said more about himself than he had before. He called himself the fountain of life [the person who makes us and gives us our life].

Jesus stood up to teach

Jewish teachers usually sat while they taught. Jesus also usually sat to teach. But this time he stood up. He knew that, for many people there, it was the last time to hear him. It was very important that they listened to him. At other times Jesus would say more about belief. Sometimes his words made it very difficult for people to obey them. People would have to change what they did. They would have to change what they said. But now Jesus had not much time before he died. Now he wanted only one thing. He wanted men and women to trust him.


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