Judas agrees to help the enemies arrest Jesus

The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 10 - Jesus' arrest and appearance at court - Part 6

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Judas now went directly to the chief priests. He agreed to help them to arrest Jesus. The chief priests had decided to arrest Jesus after the Passover. However, when Judas went to them they changed their plan. They were very glad to see Judas.

Why did Judas help Jesus' enemies?

It is difficult to understand why Judas did this. Probably he also knew that Jesus was going to die. The *disciples had thought that Jesus would set up a new kingdom. Judas had wanted to have an important place in that kingdom. But also, Judas was a thief, and a very greedy man.

When did Judas decide to do this? Perhaps it was when Mary poured out the expensive oil on Jesus. Jesus was sure that he was going to die. Perhaps that was when Judas decided to do this.

The chief priests were pleased to see him. They agreed to pay him 30 pieces of silver. They gave him the money immediately. Judas now could not change his mind. 

Jesus hid himself

John records an event which happened about this time (John 12:36-41). Jesusí enemies were now going to arrest him. But Jesus had more to say to his *disciples. He hid himself from these enemies. Jesus would do no more in public. People might think that he had not been successful. He had come to the Jews, but most Jews did not want him.

Hundreds of years before, Isaiah had said that this would happen (Isaiah 53:1, Isaiah 6:10). It shows clearly that people are evil and selfish. But after Jesus died on the *cross, he would bring back men and women to himself (John 12:32).


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