Jesus travels to Jerusalem

The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 8 - Jesus' last journey to Jerusalem - Part 1

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Discussions about the *kingdom

The *apostles told Jesus that they believed in him. They believed that he was the *Messiah. Jesus now began to speak to them about his death. He told them that he would die on a *cross. They did not understand. They still thought that Jesus would establish God's *kingdom on earth immediately. They thought that Jesus would appoint them to be rulers in the *kingdom. They would be powerful and important.

Later, Pilate, who governed Jerusalem, asked Jesus questions about the *kingdom. Jesus told him ‘My *kingdom does not belong to this world’. The *apostles did not understand this. But they understood it after Jesus came alive again.

The route to Jerusalem

Jesus decided to go to Jerusalem. He knew what would happen to him there (Luke 9:51). He wanted to go through Samaria, but the people there would not allow him. This was because he was going to Jerusalem (Luke 9:52-56). So Jesus and his *disciples went through Perea. Later in the journey, he walked ahead. This action astonished the *disciples. Many people who were with Jesus were afraid (Mark 10:32-34).

The Jewish rulers asked Jesus many questions. They wanted him to give them wrong answers. But Jesus always answered with great knowledge and wisdom. At last, they did not continue to ask questions. Instead, they plotted to kill Jesus on the *cross.


So Jesus had left *Galilee for the last time. He said that God would punish the people in some towns there, because of their *sins. He spoke about Capernaum, Bethsaida and other towns, where he had taught people. He had also cured people there; and he had done other *miracles.

Luke 10:13-15 'These are bad times for you, inhabitants of Chorazin! These are bad times for you, inhabitants of Bethsaida! I showed you many *miracles. If the people of Tyre and Sidon had seen *miracles like that, they would have *repented long ago. They would have shown how sorry they were. They would have worn rough clothes and put ashes on their heads. [These were signs that people were very sad. Tyre and Sidon were very wicked cities.] But it will be better for Tyre and Sidon at the *judgement than for you. And you, people of Capernaum, what will happen to you? Will God be pleased with you? No, he will punish you.'

Here Jesus spoke about the day when God will *judge everybody. He will decide who has obeyed him. He will reward the people who obey him. They are God's own people. They trust God. So they please God. But God will punish those people who have not obeyed him.

People in these places heard what Jesus taught. They saw his *miracles. Only a few of them  *repented and believed in him. The *miracles of Jesus show who he really is. He wants us to believe him. We must *repent. We must trust him and obey him.


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