Jesus on Lake *Galilee

The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 5 - Jesus tells people the good news and cures people in *Galilee - Part 3

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Luke 8:22-25

On another day, Jesus got into a boat at Capernaum to sail across the lake. Sudden storms happen on this lake. While Jesus and his friends were in the boat, a storm began. There was rain and a strong wind. The boat was in danger. The friends of Jesus thought that the boat might sink. At this time, Jesus was asleep. He had been teaching the people. So probably, he was very tired.

Jesus causes a storm to stop

The *disciples woke Jesus. He stood up and told the storm to stop. Immediately the waves and the wind were calm. This was wonderful.

This event astonished the *disciples very much. They asked themselves who Jesus was. Even the wind and the waves obeyed him.

Jesus was both God and man

This event shows us that Jesus was both God and man. He had the nature of God and also the nature of man. As a man, he was very tired. So, he slept. But he had total power even over the wind and the waves.

Fear of the storm

Jesus spoke to the *disciples about their fear of the storm. He had chosen them to be with him. They were to work for God. God would guide and help them. People would oppose them in a way that would be worse than the storm. They would need to trust God. He would lead and protect them for his purposes. If they trusted him, they were safe. Nobody can stop Godís purposes.


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