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The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 9 - Jesus' last week in Jerusalem - Part 9

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Jesus spoke from a well-known psalm about the *Messiah. It says this:

Matthew 22:44 ‘The *Lord said to my *Lord: “Sit at my right hand. I will destroy your enemies”.’

Here David was writing about the *Messiah. God had promised that one day the *Messiah would be born in the family of David. David called the *Messiah, ‘My *Lord’. Jesus then asked a question:

·  If the *Messiah came after David, in David’s family, how could David call him *Lord?

The only answer is to recognise that the *Messiah is more than a mere man. The *Messiah is God with us.

Jesus’ enemies could not reply. They did not know what to say. They had wanted Jesus to make mistakes in his answers. He did not. He gave such quick answers to sudden questions. He showed such great wisdom. After this nobody had any more questions for him. Yet these people still did not understand who he was. They had seen the wonderful *miracles. They had heard his wise answers. They tried to make him say wrong things. But they had seen his patience with them. And still they did not understand. They had waited for a long time for the *Messiah. He was there in front of them.

These were the last things that Jesus said to these people. He spoke to them with love. He wanted them to look at him. He wanted them to answer the one important question, which everyone must answer:

·  Who is Jesus?

There was still time for some of these people to *repent. They could still trust in Christ. Then he would rescue them from God’s anger. He would make them able to live in a new way.


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