Jesus is Humble

The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 1 - The Birth of a *Saviour - Part 8

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Jesus was a poor man

Jesus lived like a very humble man. This is very impressive. Our *Lord might have been the son of a rich woman, or the son of a king. He might have been born to a very important family. That would have been a humble act for Jesus, because Jesus was really the Son of God.

But Jesus was actually the son of a poor woman. We know that Mary was poor. Mary and Joseph came to the *Temple with the baby. Then they offered a gift to God. The Jewish law told people what they should give. Mary and Josephís gift was the cheapest. They could only afford that. They offered two birds. Jesus was the Heir of all things [God meant to give him everything]. But he became one of the humblest men. From birth he was poor. He lived in a poor family. Joseph was a carpenter. [A carpenter made things from wood.] Jesus served people all his life. Jesus worked. Things did not always go well for him. He had troubles like our troubles.

Jesus lived like a servant

In Philippians 2:7-11 Paul tells us that Jesus left the *glory of *Heaven. He became a human person. He was humble enough to die on the *cross. He knew what he was doing. It was not some terrible mistake. Jesus himself said that:

I did not come so that men would serve me. I came to serve other people. And I came to give my life for many people. (Matthew 20:28)

He did not come just to make some changes in the ways of the world. He came to replace it. Jesus showed a different way to live. He showed this to greedy people [or cruel people with too much power]. He showed that a man could be humble. He could love and serve other people.

Jesus served people all his life. He made sick people better. He made worried people calm. The last time that he ate with his *disciples, he took a towel. He washed the *disciplesí feet. This attitude began at Bethlehem. He lay in the manger there, among the animals. [A manger is for animalsí food.] He was like someone who did not deserve a proper house.

Jesus obeyed his parents

Jesus obeyed Mary and Joseph, as he grew up. It would be wonderful to know more about his childhood. He was not proud. He came to serve. He came to show us how to live. Most of all, he came to die for us. He was so humble. But he was so great!

God chose the right time for Jesus to come

Galatians 4:4, 5: But when the time was right, God sent his Son. He had a human birth, under law. He came to free those under law. Now we can become the real sons of God.

God arranged that the time was right. It was time for His Son to come into the world. It was the right time in the world. It was also the right time in Godís great plan. God had prepared for this, from the beginning of the world. Because of Roman rule, there was a kind of peace in that region. Many people could speak the Greek language. They understood each other. John the Baptist was ready. He was to come before Jesus. He was to tell people that Jesus would come. Jesus himself was born. Godís power did all this, but in a humble way. This should surprise us. It should impress us. God showed his love for men. They did not obey him. He wanted to forgive them. He showed this. Everybody should trust him.

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