God *blesses you when you are sad. He will comfort you.

The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 4 - Jesus, the great teacher - Part 4

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Matthew 5:4

The meaning of verse 3 helps us to understand the meaning of verse 4. We can know what we are really like. This must make us sad. Other people also do and think wrong things. And we are also sad because of this. We are sad because the world is very bad.

But most people in the world are not sad like this. They think that it is wrong to be sad. They try to make themselves happy. They try to forget things that make them sad. They drink alcohol and they think about entertainment. They try not to think about things that make them sad.

A real Christian

A real Christian is quite different. He thinks about his life and his relationship to God. But this does not spoil his Christian joy. A Christian does not need to be miserable all the time. He can be sad but also he can feel joy. We have joy because of Jesus, not because of ourselves. But many Christians today seem to have a wrong idea about how terrible *sin is. They also have a wrong idea about Christian joy. A real Christian can feel sad about *sin and feel joy because of the Lord at the same time. May God in His love help us to understand how terrible *sin really is.

God will comfort people who ask Christ to forgive them

God promises to comfort these people. Why does he promise this? It is because only these people can trust Christ. They will ask Christ to forgive them. They will ask Christ to make them right with God. They will ask Christ to give them the *Holy Spirit. This will happen all through their lives as Christians. They will feel sad about *sin, and they will ask Christ to help them.  


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