Jesus will come again Acts 1:11

The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 12 - Jesus lives again and returns to God - Part 7

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What we read in Acts about this is very clear.  Let us look at it.

Acts 1:11  'Men of Galilee, you do not need to continue to look at the sky. You saw Jesus go up to heaven. Like that, he will come back again.'

Jesus will come back again. The Bible mentions this often. There are more words of Jesus about this subject than about any other! The *New Testament mentions this subject 318 times. Some of these are long passages. We read about this subject often in the books between Matthew and Revelation. It is important because it affects every person in the world today.

When Jesus comes back, he will have great honour and power (Matthew 24:30,31). He will finally *judge every person:

  Some people trust and obey Jesus. They will go to the wonderful place that God has prepared for them.

  Other people will go to a terrible place. They will not be with God.

But God wants all people to have the opportunity to trust Jesus. He wants everybody to escape from the punishment for their *sin.

To tell the world the good news about Jesus is a very important task. Jesus has given this task to you and to me. We should remember that Jesus will come back. He will be *Lord of all. This should help us to do this work for him.


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