Jesus and children

The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 8 - Jesus' last journey to Jerusalem - Part 3

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Mark 10:13-16

Jesus had surprised his listeners with his attitude to divorce. His attitude to children was just as surprising. Jesus' *disciples did not really think that children were important to God. Parents brought children to Jesus for him to bless them. But the *disciples told them to go away.

The *disciples were doing what many people at that time would have done. ‘Jesus has more important things to do than to bless children’, they might have said.

Why Jesus loved the children

The *disciples' actions upset Jesus. He gave the children a welcome. Children had many qualities which Jesus liked. They were not proud. They had a simple trust. They depended on other people. True *disciples of Jesus should have all these qualities. Jesus loved these qualities. Adults were often proud and not honest. Once Jesus put a child in the middle of a group of adults and said this:

Matthew 18:3-4 And he said: 'I tell you the truth. You must change and become like little children. If you do not, you will never enter the *kingdom of *heaven. Therefore, make yourself humble like this child. Then you will be like the greatest in the *kingdom of *heaven.'

We must become like little children

The *kingdom of *heaven is for people like that. They ask Jesus to direct them. They let him create these qualities in them. No other people will ever enter *heaven. Jesus’ standards are completely different from the standards of today’s world!


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