The Life of Jesus Christ

An Online EasyEnglish Bible Study Course on the Life of Jesus Christ

G. Barrie Wetherill & Rev. Mike Stear

A word list and notes in each chapter explain words with a *star by them.


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Chapter 1

The Birth of a *Saviour

  1. *Israel in the time of Christ

  2. What the *Prophets wrote about a *Saviour

  3. An *angel comes to Zechariah

  4. An *angel comes to Mary

  5. Zechariah’s song

  6. The childhood of John the Baptist

  7. The birth of Jesus

  8. Jesus is Humble

Chapter 2

John the Baptist and Jesus begin their work

  1. A *prophet is here!

  2. John’s message

  3. John’s message of trouble!

  4. John *baptises Jesus

  5. The *Devil tries to make Jesus do wrong things

  6. Jesus’ purpose

  7. The *Devil tests Jesus for the first time

  8. The *Devil tests Jesus for second time

  9. The *Devil tests Jesus for the third time

  10. Jesus begins his special work for God

  11. Confusion about the *kingdom

Chapter 3

People who met Jesus during his early work for God

  1. Jesus attacks men who cheat in the Temple

  2. Nicodemus visits Jesus at night

  3. The most important part of the good news about Jesus

  4. The woman at the well

  5. Jesus cures the son of a royal official

  6. Jesus helped all kinds of people

Chapter 4

Jesus, the great teacher

  1. Jesus – the extraordinary teacher

  2. The *Sermon on the Mountain

  3. God *blesses you when you are poor in *spirit

  4. God *blesses you when you are sad. He will comfort you.

  5. God *blesses you when you are humble. Humble people will possess everything

  6. God *blesses you when you have a great desire for goodness

  7. God *blesses you when you forgive other people.

  8. God *blesses you when you have a pure heart. You will see him

  9. God *blesses you when you help other people to live at peace.

  10. God *blesses you when other people attack you

  11. Jesus teaches us more

  12. Jesus teaches with stories: The farmer and his field

  13. The weeds in the field

  14. The net

  15. Treasure in a field, and a wonderful pearl

  16. The *kingdom of God

Chapter 5

Jesus tells people the good news and cures people in *Galilee

  1. Jesus appoints the 12 apostles

  2. Jesus gives life to a dead man

  3. Jesus on Lake *Galilee

  4. Jesus visits Gadara

  5. Jairus’s daughter

  6. The *Pharisees oppose Jesus

  7. Jesus cures a man on the Sabbath day

  8. Herod and John the Baptist

  9. People must *repent

  10. Jesus’ appeal

Chapter 6

Who is Jesus?

  1. Jesus feeds 5000 people

  2. The crowd finds Jesus

  3. The Pharisees say that the *miracles of Jesus come from Satan

  4. What Peter said at Caesarea Philippi

  5. The *disciples see Jesus as he is in *heaven

  6. The *Kingdom, and what it means

Chapter 7

Some Visits to Jerusalem

  1. The *Feast of Tabernacles

  2. The *Feast of Tabernacles: Jesus was present, even although there was danger

  3. The *Feast of Tabernacles: A message for people who need a drink

  4. The *Feast of Tabernacles: ‘What things do we need’?

  5. The *Feast of Tabernacles: Jesus says more

  6. Jesus cures a man who was blind from birth

  7. Lessons from a *miracle

  8. The man born blind: men oppose Jesus

  9. Jesus, the light of the world

  10. Jesus gives life back to Lazarus

Chapter 8

Jesus' last journey to Jerusalem

  1. Jesus travels to Jerusalem

  2. Jesus speaks about divorce

  3. Jesus and children

  4. The rich young man

  5. Three things that people lost

  6. The request of James and John

  7. Jesus cures blind Bartimaeus

Chapter 9

Jesus' last week in Jerusalem

  1. Jesus enters Jerusalem like a king

  2. Jesus shows his authority in the *temple

  3. The fig tree

  4. ‘Who gave you this authority’?

  5. *Parables that Jesus told in Matthew chapters 21-22

  6. Should the Jews pay taxes to Caesar?

  7. Marriage in the *resurrection

  8. The most important command

  9. Jesus asks a question

  10. Jesus accuses the *Pharisees and *Scribes

  11. Jesus weeps over Jerusalem

  12. Jesus’ instructions to his *disciples - The end of time

Chapter 10

Jesus' arrest and appearance at court

  1. Jesus' problems with the Jewish rulers

  2. Jesus' problems with the crowds

  3. Jesus' problems with his *disciples

  4. Jesus' enemies decide to kill him 

  5. Mary pours oil on Jesus at Bethany

  6. Judas agrees to help the enemies arrest Jesus

  7. The *Last Supper

  8. Jesus in the garden called Gethsemane

  9. Tests for Jesus at night

  10. Jesus in Pilate's court

  11. The soldiers beat Jesus on the way to the *cross

  12. What *prophets wrote comes true

  13. Why Jesus came to this world

Chapter 11

The *Crucifixion of Jesus

  1. From Pilate’s *judgement to the *cross

  2. On the *cross

  3. The darkness at the *crucifixion of Jesus

  4. The curtain: the whole earth shakes

  5. Our reply

Chapter 12

Jesus lives again and returns to God

  1. Friends bury Jesus

  2. The first *Easter Sunday

  3. Other appearances

  4. The *kingdom of God

  5. The promise of the *Holy Spirit

  6. The *Ascension

  7. Jesus will come again

  8. Jesus commands us all to teach his good news

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January 2005

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An EasyEnglish translation of "Life of Christ" – a Bible Study course by G. Barrie Wetherill & Rev. Mike Stear about the life of Jesus Christ. From a translation by Elizabeth Candlish. Online version prepared by the EasyEnglish web team.