The most important part of the good news about Jesus

The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 3 - People who met Jesus during his early work for God - Part 3

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Jesus came to die for our *sins

This is the most important part of the message about Jesus. Jesus came to die for our *sins. He came to offer us new life. He offers to change us. Our ambitions will change. Our desires will change. Jesus will help us to love God’s rule. We will want to obey it. Paul explained this point in his letter to Titus.

Titus 3:4-7: But God our *Saviour was kind. He loved us. So, he saved us. He did not do this because we had done good things. He did it because of his *mercy. He gave us a new life. He gave us the *Holy Spirit generously, because of Jesus Christ our *Saviour. He declares that we are right with God. Now we can expect another good gift from God. We have the hope of life that lasts always.

Men and women have *sin in their lives. It is in the human heart and mind. This is a great problem. It needs a great answer. An easy answer is not enough.

How to join God's *kingdom

How can we join God’s *kingdom? Politics cannot help us. The clever ideas of men cannot help us. Teachers and the customs of religion do not help. We certainly cannot force God to allow us into his *kingdom. But God, because of his love and *mercy, helps us. He offers everybody a new birth [that is, a birth of the spirit]. He offers to free us from the *sins that spoil our lives. He can give us new life and new hope. That is why the word '*gospel' means ‘The Good News’. Only the *gospel can solve our greatest problems.


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