The fig tree

The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 9 - Jesus' last week in Jerusalem - Part 3

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Matthew 21:18-22

Jesus and the fig tree

On the way to Jerusalem Jesus saw a fig tree with leaves on it. (Figs are a type of fruit.) It was early spring. One type of fig tree had leaves early, and fruit appears even before the leaves. Jesus went to the tree to pick fruit, but there was none. He then announced that this tree would die. Immediately, the tree died.

An important lesson

Jesus did this to teach people an important lesson. The tree was like the people of Israel. Just as Jesus expected fruit from the tree, so God expected his people to obey him. But the nation did not obey him. They did bad things. The merchants in the *temple were an example of their bad behaviour. God would certainly *judge them. In the year AD 70 Roman armies came and destroyed Jerusalem and the *temple. Jesus was telling the people that this would happen.


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