The Life of Jesus Christ

An online Bible Study Course about the Life of Jesus Christ

G. Barrie Wetherill & Rev. Mike Stear


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The aims of the course

The course aims:

Course structure

There are 12 chapters. Each chapter contains a series of articles. The events in the chapters are in date order, approximately.

Separate EasyEnglish commentaries [Bible study books] on each gospel [Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John] are already on the Internet. This course uses all 4 gospels. But, where possible, each chapter concentrates on passages from a single gospel.

Barrie Wetherill's course, 'God's message goes to all nations' is also available on the Internet at

How to use this course

You can use this course:

EasyEnglish language

The course is in EasyEnglish Level B. EasyEnglish is a simpler type of standard English. EasyEnglish uses simpler grammar rules and shorter sentences. The vocabulary is only 2800 words. A word list explains words that are not in the standard vocabulary.

We have translated this course into EasyEnglish for the Internet, so that as many people as possible can understand it. Although the language is simpler, the contents of the course are often at an advanced level.

The course is entirely suitable for people whose first language is English. But also, the course is suitable for people who have studied English as a second language. And the course is also suitable for people who cannot read English well.


We check the theology in all our books. That is, we carefully check that everything explains the Bible message accurately. We use mainstream Evangelical Bible commentaries. [That is, we use well-known books that the major churches and Bible colleges use.]

Bible translation

The Bible verses in this course are also in EasyEnglish, so that these passages are easy to understand. Other EasyEnglish translations are available on our website. However, many people who use this course speak English as their first language. Any translation of the Bible is suitable to use with this course. A good modern English translation of the Bible is the New International Version.

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You can download the entire course to your computer in a single file. This file is an RTF file, which is suitable for use in most word processors, such as Microsoft Word.

Simply right-click on the link below, then select 'save target as' (or, 'save link as').

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You may read and print the files in this course, free of charge. You must include the Copyright Statement that is in each document.

You may also add illustrations and make cultural or linguistic changes.

You must NOT change the theological meaning of the text in any way without written permission from MissionAssist.


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This publication is written in EasyEnglish Level B (2800 words).
January 2005

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An EasyEnglish translation of "Life of Christ" a Bible Study course by G. Barrie Wetherill & Rev. Mike Stear about the life of Jesus Christ.