Jesusí enemies decide to kill him 

The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 10 - Jesus' arrest and appearance at court - Part 4

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Matthew 25:1-5

At this time the Jewish rulers met the *High Priest (named Caiaphas), with some other men. They decided to kill Jesus. They had thought about this earlier (Matthew 12:14). Now they decided to do it. They had not been able to make Jesus give them wrong answers to their questions. They could not complain about him to the Romans. They could not arrest him because of the crowds. So they plotted together to arrest him when there were no crowds with him. Then they would kill him. They wanted to do this after Passover. [Passover was the time when the Jews remembered their escape from Egypt. They went to the *Temple together. Afterwards, they had a special family meal.] They did not want to kill Jesus during the *feast.

A secret plot

This group of men should have obeyed the law of the Jews. Instead, they were plotting to do something which was against the law. It is interesting that they met in the palace of the *High Priest. They did not meet in the *Temple. In the *High Priestís palace they could meet in secret.


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