God *blesses you when you have a pure heart. You will see him

The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 4 - Jesus, the great teacher - Part 8

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Matthew 5:8

A 'pure heart' means a sincere mind. A person with a pure heart loves God more than anyone else. God matters to that person, more than anything else in that person's life.

One of the greatest verses in the Bible

People say that Matthew 5:8 is one of the greatest statements in the whole of the Bible.

First of all, notice that Christ cares about the heart. He does not care about things that we can see. He does not care about traditions in church. But God cares about our attitudes. God cares about our thoughts.

We should love Christ

Notice also what the statement does not say. It does not say that God *blesses clever people, or people who study religion. It is important to God that we love Christ most of all. God loves us very much and forgives us. When we understand this, we will then want to love him. We will want to love him more than anyone else. Our Lord speaks about this many times in the Bible. In fact, he speaks about it later in the *Sermon on the mountain. That is, when he warns us about our possessions. He says that we must not love our possessions too much (Matthew 6:19-24).  


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