God *blesses you when you are humble. Humble people will possess everything

The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 4 - Jesus, the great teacher - Part 5

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Matthew 5:5

This verse also shows that a Christian is different. He is different from a person who is not a Christian. What Jesus said in verses 3 and 4 should prepare us for this verse. If you are poor in *spirit you will feel sad about some things. The result is that you will be humble. A person who is not a Christian wants to have everything for himself. He thinks that he is the most important person. The Christian is different. When Jesus spoke these words, it was a shock for the Jews. The Jews, of course, had expected a military *Messiah. A military *Messiah could not be a humble person.

A humble person

It is not natural for a person to be humble. Nobody is humble from his birth. But a humble person is not the same as a weak person. A humble person can have great authority and strength. But a humble person understands his life. He knows what he is like. We see this in the way that he behaves towards other people. The humble man is not proud of himself. He does not think that he is the most important person. He knows that he is poor in *spirit. This is not something to be proud about! The humble man does not think all the time about himself and his interests. He does not make excuses for himself all the time. When we are really humble, we do not need to worry. We trust God with everything, now and in the future. We do not do anything to someone who has hurt us. We learn to do what Paul did. He allowed God to look after him. Hebrews 10:30: ‘I am the one who will punish’, says the Lord.

As examples of humble people, think about the martyrs. (A martyr is a person who dies, because of his trust in God.) The martyrs were humble. But they were NEVER weak. They were bold and brave. God helped them to be strong, even when they were in great danger.

Humble people will receive everything

Matthew 5:5 promises that humble people will receive everything. This means that this will happen in the future. Paul tells us that God’s people shall *judge the world (1 Corinthians 6). In Romans chapter 8 he tells us that we are God’s family. We are heirs of God. And we are heirs with Christ. (An heir is a person who is going to receive a family’s possessions. God does not promise to give us possessions. But God promises to look after us.) What a wonderful future this is, but it is only for humble people. But God will *bless the humble person now, as well as in the future. Only the humble person can be happy in this world, because we have many difficulties in this world. Such a person knows what Paul knew (Philippians 4:11). Such a person is satisfied, whatever happens to him. He knows how to be content. He trusts and obeys the Lord. He does not love anything in this world too much, because he loves the Lord. Only a humble person can keep calm like this. Too many Christians today do not live like this. We worry too much about our possessions, our children, our house. It is the humble people who are really happy!  


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