The birth of Jesus

The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 1 - The Birth of a *Saviour - Part 7

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Why Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem

The birth of Jesus was about 6 months after the birth of John the Baptist.

However, just before Jesus was born, the Romans decided to count the people. They wanted to know how many people would pay tax to the Romans. Every family had to return to their first home. The Roman officials would count them there.

Joseph and Mary belonged to the family of David. The family had come from Bethlehem. They had to go to Bethlehem. That was far away. It must have been a difficult journey for Mary. They were late when they arrived at Bethlehem. There were many people in Bethlehem. They had no place to sleep. There was no room anywhere.

So, the birth of Jesus was in a shed. Animals lived there. Mary put the baby in a manger. [A manger is a box that contains the food for animals.] The *prophecy said that the *Messiah would come from Bethlehem. This *prophecy came true.

Micah 5:2: Bethlehem, you are small among the families of *Judah. However, out of you will come one for me. That one will be ruler over *Israel. I have planned this from ancient times.

*Angels, shepherds and wise men

Joseph and Mary had to stay near there for some time. They had to take Jesus to the *Temple after 40 days. Some visitors surprised them. Some shepherds came. [They were men who looked after sheep.]. They had seen *angels. The *angels had praised God. Christ the *Lord was a baby in Bethlehem. The angels had told them this. Another group of visitors were wise men. They gave wonderful gifts.

Jesus is the *saviour for people from all nations

The visitors are interesting. 

The shepherds were Jews. But some Jews might not respect them, because the shepherds were poor. However, they must have been good men. They pleased God.

The wise men were foreigners. They were not Jews. They came from a country whose people did not know the real God. However, God guided them. Now they had found this baby. He would be greater than anyone that they had ever known.

Both groups of men showed *faith. They did not give honour to a prince in a palace. The shepherds saw him in an animalís shed. The wise men came to a simple home. Jesus is the *Messiah not only for the Jews. He is for all nations. The visits show us this.

Simeon and Anna

The time came to take Jesus to the *Temple. Two very good people were there. Simeon and Anna spoke to Joseph and Mary. They praised God for the child Jesus.

Jesus had poor parents. They lived in a poor house. But the *angels of God knew about Jesus. And they told some good ordinary people about him.


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