The Ascension 

[Jesus left earth and went to be with God in *heaven]

The Life of Jesus Christ - Chapter 12 - Jesus lives again and returns to God - Part 6

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At last, one day when Jesus had been talking to the *disciples, he returned to heaven. The *disciples actually saw him go up. They watched until a cloud hid him. They did not see him again. Jesus was not still on earth. But Jesus’ work would continue with the help of the *Holy Spirit. While the *disciples were still looking at the sky, two *angels appeared. This is what they said:

Acts 1:11  'Men of Galilee, you do not need to continue to look at the sky. You saw Jesus go up to heaven. Like that, he will come back again.'

The importance of Jesus

It is important for us all that Jesus died on the *cross.  It is important that he became alive again. It shows us many things. When Jesus died on the *cross, he dealt with all our *sins completely. God has accepted what Jesus has done for us.

Now, Jesus has great authority and power. In fact, he told the *disciples, ‘God has given to me all authority in heaven and on earth.’

When Jesus comes again, he will not be an ordinary man.  He will not merely be someone that men killed on a *cross. He will be the *Lord. Everybody will respect him. Everybody will give him honour. Nobody will be able to stop his power and rule.

Jesus today

About 50 years after the Ascension, the *disciple John had a *vision. In his *vision, John saw Jesus in *heaven. John saw how great Jesus is now. The *vision made John very much afraid (see Revelation 1).

Today, Jesus is not here with us, in this world. But we speak to him in prayer. We hear him through his Word [that is, the Bible]. And Jesus has sent the *Holy Spirit to us. The *Holy Spirit speaks to us and teaches us.


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