Who do you think you are?

What right did Jesus have to speak as he did?


This study is one of a series of Studies in Markís Gospel. It is a draft study that we are rewriting in EasyEnglish.



Mark 11:27-33 (see Markís Gospel in EasyEnglish)


The religious leaders wanted to stop Jesus teaching so they tried to trap him into saying something wrong.

Questions to ask

V27  Who were the people who asked Jesus a question?

V27  Why did they ask it?

V28  What Ďthingsí was Jesus doing? (See Mark 11:15-18)

V30  Why did Jesus ask the leaders about Johnís baptism?

V31  How could the leaders answer Jesusí question?

V32  Why didnít the leaders answer?

V33  Why didnít Jesus answer? How would you react to this statement?

Something to do

What powers are important in the world?

How important is it to accept Jesus?

Have you already made up your mind about Jesus?

Words to explain

Authority ~ power or right to give orders.

Baptism ~ when they put a person under water or put water on a person; it is to show that they want to follow Christ.

Chief priests ~ most important men who offered gifts to God on behalf of other people.

Elder ~ leader in the House of God.

Scribes ~ a teacher of the law of Moses.