Jesus will return to this world

Jesus tells the *disciples that they must be ready. And they must watch carefully.

Bob Hunter

This study is one of a series of Studies in Mark's Gospel in EasyEnglish.

A word list at the end explains words with a *star by them.



Mark 13:32-37 (see Mark's Gospel in EasyEnglish)


Jesus had spoken to his disciples about future events. The crowds were not with them. He told his disciples to be very careful. Some people would speak to them, but some of the words would not be true. He said that different bad events would happen. There would be wars. People would be hungry.

Jesus said that there would be bad people. They would make his disciples stand in front of the rulers. Jesus told the disciples that they should speak about him. After this, things would become really bad. People would say that they themselves had come from God. But they had not come from God. Then the sun would become dark. After all these things had happened the people would see Jesus. He would be very powerful and beautiful. God would bring together all the people whom he had chosen. They would come from all places in the world.

Men and women would not know when these things would happen. Only God would know when these bad events would happen. Jesus said to his disciples, 'make everything ready and watch carefully'. He would come, and it would surprise everyone. So, many men and women would not be ready.

Questions to ask

V32  Jesus did not tell his disciples when the world would come to an end. Why?

V33  How can we watch carefully? How can we be ready when Jesus returns?

V34  What work do you think that Jesus wants you to do?

V35  How can we be ready for the return of Jesus?

V36  Is Jesus saying to men and women that they must never go to sleep?

V37  What does Jesus want us to do?

Something to do

Remember to pray each day.

Tell men and women about what Jesus said to his disciples.

Write on paper how we must live.

Words to explain

Disciple ~ someone who follows a leader and who wants to learn from him. A person who agrees with Jesus. So he does what Jesus teaches.