Jesus heals a man who couldn’t walk

Jesus shows that he is the Son of God. He forgives the man’s sin and heals him.

This study is one of a series of Studies in Mark’s Gospel. It is a draft study that we are rewriting in EasyEnglish.



Mark 2:1-12 (see Mark’s Gospel in EasyEnglish)


We all care about our friends. We want them to be happy and well. This man’s friends carried him to Jesus. They knew that he could do amazing things. More than anything, they wanted Jesus to make their friend well. They had a big surprise, because Jesus had something even better to give the man.

Questions to ask

V1-2  Most people would expect their families to welcome them home, but not a big crowd. A big crowd of people came to welcome Jesus home. Why do you think that was?

V2  What did Jesus do?

V3-4  Imagine you were in the house. What would it feel like? What would you have thought when the man’s friends dug a hole through the roof? How keen were the man’s friends to get him to Jesus? Do you have any friends who have not heard about Jesus? How can you help them to come to Jesus?

V5  What do you think the men expected Jesus to do? How do you think they felt when Jesus said “Your sins are forgiven”? Jesus knew that the man’s biggest problem was his sin. What is your biggest problem?

V6  The scribes said that only God can forgive sin. What does this tell us about who Jesus was claiming to be?

V8  Jesus knew what the scribes were thinking. Does Jesus know what we are thinking?

V9-10  Why is it easier to say “your sins are forgiven” than to heal someone? Which one is easier to prove? Is it easy to prove that someone has power to forgive sin? Is it easy to prove that someone has power to heal? Everyone could see that Jesus had healed the man. This showed that he was God. It showed that he could forgive sins.

V11  Do you think Jesus still has power to heal people? Do you really expect God to heal the people you pray for? The man’s biggest problem was his sin. But Jesus also healed him. What does this tell us about Jesus?

V12  The people were amazed at what God did. They praised God. How do you respond when God does amazing things?

Something to do


Words to explain

Preach ~ to tell and explain the good news about Jesus Christ to someone or a group of people.

Scribe ~ a teacher of the law of Moses.

Sin ~ not obeying God, or what you do when you do not obey God.