Jesus heals a blind man

A man begs Jesus to make him see again

This study is one of a series of Studies in Mark’s Gospel. It is a draft study that we are rewriting in EasyEnglish.



Mark 10:46-52 (see Mark’s Gospel in EasyEnglish)


In reply to blind Bartimaeus’ cries, Jesus gives him sight. People tell him to be quiet, but he keeps calling out. After Jesus opens his eyes he follows Jesus along the road. Beggars often sat outside town gates, because lots of people went past. Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem. Jericho was 15 miles from Jerusalem. “Son of David” was a title for the Messiah.

Questions to ask

V47  Why was Bartimaeus crying out to Jesus?

V48  What did the crowd do? Why? What was Bartimaeus’ reaction?

V49  What did Jesus do? Would Jesus refuse to listen if we call on him to help us?

V50  What did Bartimaeus do when Jesus called him? Why did he throw away his cloak?

V51  What was the most important thing to Bartimaeus?

V51-52  Did Bartimaeus believe Jesus could heal him?

V52  Did Jesus heal him? Why did Bartimaeus follow Jesus after he was healed? Why do we need to follow Jesus?

Something to do

What can we learn from Bartimaeus’ simple faith?

What can we learn about Jesus from this story?

Words to explain