The story of the growing seed

The story of the seed that grows without help

Marion Cooper

This study is one of a series of Studies in Mark's Gospel in EasyEnglish.

A word list at the end explains words with a *star by them.



Mark 4:26-29 (see Mark's Gospel in EasyEnglish)


Jesus told many stories. This is the only place where we can find this story. A king is a man who rules a country. He can become King because he belongs to a special family. The country that he rules is called his *kingdom. God is a king with a kingdom. People who love God belong to his kingdom. They obey God's rules.

Jesus told stories to his *disciples to explain about God's kingdom. This is one of those stories. A farmer plants seeds in his field. But he cannot cause a seed to grow. No one can see anything, but the seed starts to grow. It continues to grow. But the farmer does not know how that happens. The ground causes the seed to grow and to have fruit. The farmer knows when it is the proper time to cut the plant. He knows when the fruit is good to use. People who keep God's rules are like the farmer. They can work to give the 'seed' of God's message to other people. But they cannot cause it to grow. Only God can do that. God wants people to understand his message and come into his kingdom. God wants people to know how much he loves them.

Some people think that God's kingdom grows slowly. But people who love God must be like the patient farmer. God knows the right time for everything. The farmer waits for the plants to grow. He cuts them at the best time. God has a plan. He waits until the best time to do things.

Questions to ask

V26   Why did Jesus tell the story about the growing seed?

V27   The farmer does not know when the seed begins to grow. Why is that?

V27   The farmer does not know how the seed grows. Why is that?

V29   Who decides when it is the proper time to cut the plants?

V29   When does the farmer cut the plants?

Something to do

The farmer works hard. He wants to have good things to eat. God works too. He wants people to live in his kingdom. They both wait for the best time to do things. God can help us to do things at the best time. Can you ask him to help you?

Words to explain

Disciple ~ a person who wants to do the same things as another person and learn from them; a person who does what Jesus taught.

Kingdom ~ a place/country that a king rules. (God is the king of kings - we look forward to his coming kingdom).

Kingdom of God ~ the kingdom of God is where God rules.