Christ in the Bible: Mark’s Gospel

Christ in Mark’s *Gospel

An EasyEnglish Bible Commentary (1200 word vocabulary) on the Gospel of Mark

Keith Simons

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About Mark’s book

The Bible has 4 books about Jesus’ life. They are called the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. People often call them ‘the Gospels’, which means ‘the good news’.

The Book of Mark is the shortest Gospel. Like the other Gospels, it tells us about the things that Jesus did. And it tells us some things that he taught.

The writer of the book was Mark. He belonged to a family who lived in Jerusalem. Mark became a Christian and he joined the church there. Then he travelled to tell people about Jesus. Mark worked with both Paul and Peter.

Bible students think that Peter helped Mark to write his book. But Mark was present at some events that he describes. He was a young man then.

Mark wanted to help people across the world. He wanted to teach them about Jesus. And Mark wanted people who never met Jesus to know God’s good news. Mark wrote his book for those reasons.

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