Christ in the Bible: Markís Gospel

Christ in Markís *Gospel

An EasyEnglish Bible Commentary (1200 word vocabulary) on the Gospel of Mark

Keith Simons

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Mark chapter 6

Jesus walks on water

Verses 45-52

It was evening, and Jesus wanted to pray. So he asked the crowd to go back to their homes. And he asked the *disciples to leave in the boat.

There was a bad storm during that night. The *disciplesí boat was still in the middle of the lake. Jesus was on the land. But he saw that the *disciples were in difficulties. The storm was too strong for them.

So Jesus came towards them. He walked across the water. He did not want to get into the boat. He only wanted to go near to his *disciples. If he was near, the *disciples would believe God.

But the *disciples saw him. They knew that no man can walk on water. So they were very afraid. They did not think that it was Jesus. Instead, they thought that a *spirit had appeared.

So Jesus spoke to them. Immediately, the storm stopped. And he got into the boat.

The *disciples had seen how God gave food to the crowd. And then they saw this event. They should have learnt that God is kind to his people. But the *disciples could not understand these events. And so they felt surprised and afraid.

Verses 53-56

Everywhere that Jesus went, he helped the people. He showed them that God is kind.

Jesus made all these sick people well again. He was always doing Godís work.

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