Christ in the Bible: Markís Gospel

Christ in Markís *Gospel

An EasyEnglish Bible Commentary (1200 word vocabulary) on the Gospel of Mark

Keith Simons

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Mark chapter 10

James and John speak to Jesus

Verses 35-45

When Jesus climbed the mountain to pray, James and John were with him (Mark 9:2-8). They saw the things that happened there. They heard Godís voice.

So James and John were sure, like Peter (Mark 8:29), that Jesus was the Christ. (See my note about Mark 8:27-30). So Jesus would become the future king. And he would rule on Godís behalf.

James and John did not know how this would happen. But they wanted to be with Jesus then. They had left everything to become *disciples (Mark 1:19-20). And they had heard Jesusí words in Mark 10:29-31. He had promised that they would receive good things. And there was something that they wanted very much.

James and John were not only *disciples. Many people think that the brothers were Jesusí cousins. And they were his friends. John called himself: Ďthe *disciple that Jesus lovedí (John 13:23). So James and John did not want to leave Jesus when he became important. They wanted always to be with him. So they asked for the seats that were next to his seat.

Jesus told them that they were thinking about the wrong things. They were trying to get important seats for themselves. But soon, people would cause many troubles for Jesus. Those troubles would be like a cup of bad *wine. Or, they would be like deep water. Those troubles would cause Jesus pain, and they would make him very sad. James and John should prepare themselves for those same troubles too.

The other *disciples were angry because James and John had asked for important seats. Only rulers would sit next to the king. And the other *disciples wanted to be important too. Clearly, they had not learned the lesson that Jesus taught in Mark 9:33-35.

Sometimes a teacher must teach the same lesson again. And this time, Jesus told the *disciples why he came. He came to be a servant.

Perhaps his words would cause them to remember the servant in Isaiah chapter 53. (See my note about Mark 8:31-33).

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