Christ in the Bible: Markís Gospel

Christ in Markís *Gospel

An EasyEnglish Bible Commentary (1200 word vocabulary) on the Gospel of Mark

Keith Simons

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Mark chapter 5

Jairusís daughter and the ill woman

Verses 21-43

Jairus was an important man. He came to Jesus because he needed help. Jairusís daughter was very ill. He thought that she would die.

Jesus started to go to Jairusís house. But a large crowd went with Jesus. And those people had their own problems. They pushed against Jesus because they too wanted his help.

An ill woman was in that crowd. Her body had bled for 12 years. The doctors could not help her. Their bills were expensive. The woman became poor. And she was still ill.

So she came to Jesus. She believed that God had sent Jesus. So she believed that Jesus would make her well. But she thought that she had to go to him. She thought that she must touch his coat.

God helps people who believe him. And he helped that woman. She touched Jesusí coat. And immediately, she was well again.

Jesus knew that something had happened. And the woman knew too. She was afraid, but she came to Jesus. Jesus told her not to be afraid. Because she believed, God had made her well.

While this was happening, Jairusís daughter died. People came to tell Jairus. But Jesus told Jairus that he should not be afraid. Like the woman, Jairus too should believe God.

The people at Jairusís house were very sad. They screamed and they cried. Jesus told them that everything was well. But they did not believe him.

Jesus went inside. And he asked the girl to get up. Immediately, the girl got up. She was alive again. She was well. And she was hungry.

But Jesus did not want anyone to know about this event. He knew that people would have wrong ideas about it. They would know that God had sent him. But they would not know why God had sent him. And those wrong ideas might cause trouble. Many people wanted to fight against the government. And they might think that God had sent Jesus to be their leader.

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