Christ in the Bible: Mark’s Gospel

Christ in Mark’s *Gospel

An EasyEnglish Bible Commentary (1200 word vocabulary) on the Gospel of Mark

Keith Simons

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Mark chapter 6

Food for 5000 men

Verses 30-44

Jesus had sent the *disciples to some towns and villages. The *disciples went. They told God’s message to the people there. Then the *disciples returned to Jesus again.

Perhaps they returned because people had told them about John’s death. John was a great servant of God. John had taught many of Jesus’ *disciples about God. So the *disciples would be very sad. They needed to be with Jesus. And they needed to rest.

But the *disciples were not able to rest. Jesus was very busy. There were many visitors. Many people wanted to speak to Jesus. There was no time even to eat. The *disciples could not rest there.

Jesus said that they should all go into the *countryside. They should find somewhere away from the crowds. There, it would be quiet. And the *disciples, with Jesus, would be able to rest.

So the *disciples left the town in a boat. Jesus was with them. But the crowds saw them. And they walked along the coast. They too wanted to be with Jesus. They too needed his help. So they went round the lake to find Jesus.

So they found Jesus. And he did not send them away. An old song says, ‘There is no love like the love of Jesus.’ Jesus wanted to help all these people. So he taught them. He stayed with them for the whole day.

Because the people left so quickly, they had no food with them. But God gave them food. He gave even more food than the people needed. Sometimes God does something that people cannot do. We call special events like these: ‘miracles’. God does these things because he is kind and good. And he does these things because he wants to help people.

This should not surprise us. God gives food to everything that is alive. Without his gifts, nobody and nothing would be alive. We should all accept the gifts that God gives. He is always good and kind.

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