Paul will send two other special workers to them

Paul explains why Timothy and Epaphroditus are special people

Bible reference: Philippians 2:19-30

A word list at the end of each Bible *study explains words that have a star (*) by them. These are more difficult words.


The two men Paul wants to send to the new Christians in Philippi have been there before. Paul wants to hear news about the new Christians. He wants them to continue as Christians.

Timothy was a special person to Paul because Paul had told him about Jesus. Timothy was with Paul the first time he went to Philippi. Also, he had helped Paul to tell other *people about Jesus in other places.

The Christians in Philippi sent Epaphroditus to Paul when he was in prison. Epaphroditus took a gift of money to Paul. Also it was his job to help Paul in any way possible. But while he was away, he was very ill. Now it is time for Paul to send Epaphroditus back home. Perhaps Epaphroditus took this letter with him.

Questions to ask

2:19 ~ What does Paul hope that Timothy can do? Why?

2:20 ~ Why is Timothy a special person: a) to the Christians in Philippi b) to Paul?

2:21 ~ What does Paul write about the way most *people think?

2:22 ~ What good things does Paul write about Timothy?

2:23 ~ Paul wants to send Timothy but he has not done this yet. Why?

2:24 ~ What gives Paul hope in this *verse?

2:25 ~ Paul says that Epaphroditus is like two things. What are these?

2:26 ~ Why did Epaphroditus not want the Christians in Philippi to know about his illness?

2:27 ~ ‘God was kind to him. God was … kind to me…’ What had happened?

2:28 ~ Paul wishes to send Epaphroditus back home. What is his reason?

2:29 ~ How should the Christians in Philippi receive Epaphroditus when he returns?

2:30 ~ How did Epaphroditus *represent all the Christians at Philippi? What did this cost him?

Something to do

How does Paul describe Timothy and Epaphroditus in these *verses? (There are three ideas.) Think about what these ideas suggest.

Other people help us to grow as Christians. Who has helped you grow? How would you describe these *people? How might you show how much you value them?

Look again at study 6. In what ways are Timothy and Epaphroditus like Christ?

Words to explain

people ~ men and women

study ~ words that help us to learn more about something

verse ~ (here) a small separate part of a chapter

represent ~ to do or say something in the place of other *people

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