Paul writes to the believers at Philippi and prays for them

Paul tells the *believers what he prays for them

Bible reference: Philippians 1:1-11


The beginning of this letter is the usual polite way that *people wrote at this time. Paul uses ‘I’ in this letter. Timothy may have written it for him. They write to all the *believers in the city called Philippi.

It is clear that Paul loves these Christians very much.

Paul explains why he can thank God for the *believers in Philippi. He tells them what he prays for them. He wants everything that is right and best for them.

Questions to ask

1:1 ~ How do Paul and Timothy describe themselves?

1:2 ~ Paul writes part of his *prayer for the *believers. Who does he pray to?

1:3-4 ~ How does Paul feel about the *believers in Philippi?

1:5 ~ Paul explains why he feels like this. What have the *believers done?

1:6 ~ What has God done in the lives of the *believers at Philippi? What more will God do?

1:7 ~ ‘And all of that is the reason that I love you.’ What does Paul mean when he writes ‘all of that’?

1:8 ~ How does Paul describe his love for the *believers at Philippi?

1:9 ~ What else does Paul pray for them?

1:10-11 ~ What will be the result of the answers to Paul’s *prayers?

1:11 ~ Other *people will see that God answers Paul’s *prayers for the *believers at Philippi. What will these *people say? What will they do?

Something to do

‘I know that God has begun to do good things in you. And he will continue to work in you’. Where can you see God at work in your life and in your district?

Who prays for you? Talk about this and how you feel.

Think of another Christian you love. For a few minutes, thank God for them and pray for them. You could use Paul’s *prayer to help you.

Words to explain

believer ~ a person who knows and accepts Christ.

people ~ men and women

prayer ~ what we say to God

study ~ words that help us to learn more about something

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