The other special workers accept Paul

(These special workers agree with Paul’s message)

Bible verses: Galatians 2:1-10

A word list at the end of each Bible study explains words that have a *star by them. These are more difficult words.


Paul continues to write about his new life as a Christian. 14 years after he met Christ he went to *Jerusalem again. He wanted to teach the truth. And he needed to talk about this with other leaders.

He travelled with special workers called Barnabas and Titus. In *Jerusalem he talked with other special workers.

All the other special workers were very happy about Paul. They knew that God had sent him. They agreed that he had the right message about Christ. And they agreed about something else. We must not add anything to the *good news about Christ. *Gentiles did not have to be *circumcised when they became Christians.

God had given the *good news to the *Jews first. And *Jewish leaders *circumcised all male Jews. But this was not right or necessary for *Gentiles. It was not part of the *good news. It was not something that God wanted.


V1 ~ Who travelled to *Jerusalem with Paul?

V3 ~ What was special about one of these men?

V2 ~ Why did Paul go to *Jerusalem at this time? What did he do when he arrived there? Why did he need to do this?

V4,5 ~ Before this, some men had tried to add extra rules to the *good news. What had these men done? What did they want to do?

V4 ~ The men might have got what they wanted. What would have been the result?

V5 ~ What do Paul and the other special workers want the Christians in Galatia to have?

V6 ~ What does Paul say does not matter to God?

V7 ~ What did other leaders recognise about Paul?

V7,8 ~ What had God done for a) Paul? b) Peter? What did God want a) Paul b) Peter to do?

V9 ~ Why were the important leaders in *Jerusalem happy to be friends with Paul? About what did all the leaders agree?

V10 ~ What else did they all want to do?

Something to do

We do not always agree with other Christians. What should we do?

Sometimes we add extra rules to the *good news. Talk about this.

Different Christians can do different things. Some of these differences may come from God. Talk about any examples that you know.

Words to explain

Abraham ~ the first leader of the Jews.

circumcised ~ to cut off the skin from the end of a boy’s or a man’s
sex part. It was a mark to show that *Israel’s *people had agreed to obey God.

Gentile ~ a person who does not belong to *Israel’s *people.

good news ~ the good news about Christ.

Israel ~ the country where the *Jews lived.

Jerusalem  ~ the most important city for the *Jews.

Jew  ~ a person who is born from *Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their children (*Israel’s *people).

Jewish ~ what belongs to a Jew.

People ~ men and women.

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