We become right with God only because we believe him

(Instead of the rules we have *God’s Spirit in us)

Bible verses: Galatians 3:1-14

A word list at the end of each Bible study explains words that have a *star by them. These are more difficult words.


*God’s Spirit is God’s promise to all Christians. This is God’s power in their lives. So the Christians in Galatia have *God’s Spirit to work in their lives.

Nothing we do can make us right with God. We can never obey all the rules. We should receive *punishment. But Christ has accepted our *punishment.

*Abraham was the first leader of the *Jews. He is an example of what we should do. God told *Abraham to leave his home. God told him to go to a new land. *Abraham believed and obeyed God. Because of this, *Abraham was right with God.

God made another promise to *Abraham. Because of *Abraham, everyone in the world could choose to be right with God. This promise came true when Christ came. The *Gentiles in Galatia, who are Christians, are part of this promise.


V1 ~ How does Paul describe the Christians in Galatia?

V2 ~ When did they receive *God’s Spirit?

V3 ~ How have the Christians in Galatia changed?

V4 ~ What does Paul say about difficulties and troubles?

V5 ~ How does Paul describe what *God’s Spirit can do in our lives?

V6,7 ~ How should we be like *Abraham?

V8,9 ~ What did God promise *Abraham about the *Gentiles?

V10 ~ Some *people obey the rules to be right with God. What will happen to them?

V11 ~ How does God describe the person that he has accepted?

V12 ~ How can rules take us from God?

V13 ~ What has Christ done for us? What did this cost him?

V14 ~ When we believe Christ, what can we receive from God? Why?

Something to do

Talk about why it can be hard to receive a gift. (This might be because of us, or because of the gift, or because of the one who gave the gift.)

Remind yourself of what Paul says *God’s Spirit will do. You could also read John 15:26 and John 16:13,14. (See also Galatians 5:22-23.)

A Christian, who is a leader, says that you are completely wrong. Talk about how you might answer this.

Words to explain

Abraham ~ The first leader of the Jews.

Gentile ~ a person who does not belong to *Israel’s *people.

God’s Spirit ~ God’s power in the world and in our lives.

Israel ~ the country where the *Jews lived.

Jew ~ a person who is born from *Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their children (*Israel’s *people).

Jewish ~ what belongs to a Jew.

people ~ men and women.

punishment ~ what *people receive when they do wrong actions.

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