Pauls’ last words to the Galatians

(Through Christ, we are all new people)

Bible verses: Galatians 6:11-18

A word list at the end of each Bible study explains words that have a *star by them. These are more difficult words.


Paul brings together some important ideas from his letter.
The Galatians should not listen to wrong teachers.
Christ is more important. What Christ has done is more important.

Paul himself is not important. Paul is great only because he follows Christ. He uses a *picture to explain this. *People put marks on the bodies of slaves. This showed that the slaves belonged to other *people. Paul writes about ‘the marks on my body’. He is a slave of Christ. After Paul became a Christian, sometimes *people put him in prison. There were special tools for *punishment. Sometimes *people hit Paul with these tools. So perhaps he had marks on his body

Paul says that he writes this last part with ‘large letters’. Perhaps he told someone what to write for most of the letter. Now perhaps he writes these last words himself. Or perhaps he cannot see well and
has to use large letters.


V11 ~ Why do you think that Paul includes these words?

V12 ~  Why do the wrong teachers teach wrong ideas?

V13 ~ Find another reason why the wrong teachers teach wrong ideas.

V14 ~ What makes Paul great? What does ‘the cross of Christ’ mean? (See also 5:11)

V15 ~ What really matters for a Christian? What does not matter?

V16 ~ What does Paul pray for all Christians?

V17 ~ Why does Paul write about the marks on his body?

V18 ~ What does Paul pray for the Christians in Galatia?

Something to do

Read again Paul’s *prayer for all Christians. This includes the Christians in Galatia. Think about what you pray for your *church.
Then write a *prayer for your church.

Sometimes Christians listen to wrong ideas. Talk about how we can help them.

You might want to change something in your life. Think about this. Decide how you might begin.

Words to explain

church ~ all the Christians in one district. We might talk about the church in one town or village. (Also we might mean all Christians everywhere.)

people ~ men and women.

picture ~ an idea that you can see in your mind.

prayer ~ all the ideas and thoughts and problems that we pray to God.

punishment ~ what *people receive when they do wrong actions.

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