Continue to have a free life in Christ

(The Christians must understand that they are free *people already)

Bible verses: Galatians 5:1-15

A word list at the end of each Bible study explains words that have a *star by them. These are more difficult words.


The Galatians are already free *people. They are not under the old rules. Paul wants them to know this. Wrong teachers want to *circumcise them. And this is not necessary for Christians.

We do wrong because we believe wrong teachers. And Paul feels anger with those who have taught the Galatians.

Because of Christ, we are not under the old rules. But we must not do what we want. Instead of the rules, we have *God’s Spirit to teach us and guide us.


V1 ~ What does Christ want for us?

V2 ~ If you let someone *circumcise you, what does it show about Christ?

V3 ~ If you let someone *circumcise you, what else follows?

V4 ~ Who can make us right with God? Can anything else do this?

V5 ~ Often ‘hope’ means ‘to wish for something’. What do you think this word means here?

V6 ~ What matters in this verse? What should follow that?
And then what will follow?

V7 ~ What *picture does Paul use to describe how the Galatians were? What does this suggest about a Christian’s life?

V8 ~ What does God want the Christians in Galatia to do?

V9 ~ Paul uses another *picture. What does *yeast do in bread? What does this *picture suggest about wrong ideas?

V10 ~ Why can Paul feel sure about the new Christians?

V11 ~ What does Paul mean when he writes ‘Christ’s cross’?

V12 ~ Paul is very sad and disappointed. How do we know this?
Why does he write like this?

V13 ~ What should the Christians do in their usual lives?

V14 ~ What rule brings together all the other rules?

V15 ~ Paul uses another *picture. What do wild animals do?
What might this suggest about the wrong ideas in Galatia?

Something to do

Christ has made us free *people. Think about what Christ gives to us. Think about what else in our lives might be ‘free’.

Talk about things that might make us ‘slaves’ today.

Christ has made us free *people. And we are able to be like servants to one another. Talk about any examples of this that you know.

Words to explain

circumcise ~ to cut off the skin from the end of a boy’s or a man’s sex part. It was a mark to show that *Israel’s *people had agreed to obey God.

God’s Spirit ~ God’s power in the world and in our lives.

Israel ~ the country where the *Jews lived.

people ~ men and women.

picture ~ an idea that you can see in your mind.

yeast ~ something that *people use to make bread. It causes the bread to rise.

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