The Christians in Galatia might not continue to believe in Christ

(Paul does what a good parent would do. A good parent is careful about his children.)

Bible verses: Galatians 4:8-20

A word list at the end of each Bible study explains words that have a *star by them. These are more difficult words.


There are *spirits that rule this world. These *spirits do not come from God. We are their slaves until we believe in Christ. No one wants to be a slave. And Christians do not have to be slaves of old rules.

The Galatians had been happy about Paul. They were kind when he was ill. They were happy to hear him. They would have done anything for him. Now they have made him seem like their enemy. Paul cannot understand why they have changed.

Paul is afraid for them. The true enemies are the teachers who do not know the truth about Christ.


V8 ~ What does Paul say about the *spirits that rule this world?

V9 ~ Why should the Christians in Galatia not go back to these *spirits?

V10 ~ What old rule do the Christians want to obey now?

V11 ~ What does Paul think about this? Why does he think this?

V12 ~ ‘I ask you very strongly to become like me’. Why?

V13 ~ When Paul told them the good news for the first time, he was ill. Why might this change what Paul did? Would it change what he said?

V14 ~ What did the Christians do first when Paul arrived?

V15 ~ How have they changed?

V16 ~ What did Paul think about this change?

V17 ~ What do the wrong teachers want to do?

V17 ~ What do the wrong teachers think about themselves?

V18 ~ Sometimes we want *people to believe the same ideas as us. When is this good ?

V19 ~ How is Paul like a good parent?

V20 ~ Why does Paul want to be there in Galatia with the Christians?

Something to do

Make a list of special days that Christians have today. Talk about why we have these special days. Talk about whether they help Christians.

Sometimes we are ill. Sometimes *people we talk with are ill. Illness might change the way we tell the good news about Jesus. Does illness change the good news? Talk about this.

Paul says that we are sons of God, not slaves. Think about the actions of your parents towards you. Think about whether any of this makes any difference to your ideas about God.

Words to explain

people ~ men and women.

spirit ~ a being (person) that is always alive, even without a body. A person’s spirit is the part of them that will always be alive. It will be alive even after their body is dead. Our spirit is the part of us that receives God’s Spirit. There are good spirits, like God’s Spirit and the spirits that obey him. And there are bad spirits, like the Devil (God’s enemy) and the spirits that obey him.

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