Be kind and good to each other

(Let love, not rules, lead you)

Bible verses: Galatians 6:1-10

A word list at the end of each Bible study explains words that have a *star by them. These are more difficult words.


Wrong teachers have confused the new Christians in Galatia. Paul wants them to know what is right and true.

Paul has written that the Christians in Galatia are not under the old rules because of Christ. But they should not do what they want.
Instead they must allow love to be their guide.

Now Paul writes more about this. He wants the Galatians to understand. So he uses many examples.
These examples explain how they should live.


V1 ~ ‘you must be careful to be kind’. When? Why?

V2 ~ During troubles and problems, how should we help one another? Why should we do this?

V3 ~ What does Paul not want the Galatians to do?

Vv4,5 ~ What does he want them to do? Why?

V6 ~ What does Paul write about (good) teachers?

V7 ~ What *picture does Paul use here? Why has he chosen this *picture?

V8  ~ What is the *warning from this *picture? What helps us in this *picture?

V9 ~ What is the promise here?

V10 ~ We should try to help everyone. What extra idea does Paul
add here?

Something to do

Maybe someone has told you that you have done something wrong. Think about what happened next.

Talk about how can we help other *people to ‘carry heavy things’.
Think of some examples of this.

Sometimes we *compare our actions with what other people do.
Think about this. Think about what we might do instead.

Words to explain

compare ~ to explore two items. Then to decide which is best.

people ~ men and women.

picture ~ an idea that you can see in your mind.

warning ~ when someone tells you that something bad might happen.

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