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temple ~ (A) ~ Jews went to this special building in Jerusalem to meet and talk to God; the holy place in heaven that God is in; a special building that people went into to praise false gods.

temple ~ (A) ~ a building that people praise God in.

temple ~ (A) ~ a building where people praise and worship their god.

temple ~ (A) ~ a special building where people go to pray.

temple ~ (B) ~ a special building for the worship of God. The Jews had one in Jerusalem for the worship of the true God.

Temple ~ (B) ~ the special building in Jerusalem where the Jews worshipped God.

Temple ~ (B) ~ At the temple in Jerusalem, the Jews offered their sacrifices to God. Only the priests could enter the inner rooms of the temple. The temple in Jerusalem replace the tabernacle . King Solomon built the first temple. Nebuchadnezzar destroyed it. The Jews rebuilt it in Ezra 6. King Herod built the third temple which existed at the time of Jesus. The Romans destroyed the third temple in the year 70 AD .

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