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Easy English definition for 'sinner':

sinner ~ (A) ~ a person who breaks God's rules; a person who does not obey God.

sinner ~ (A) ~ a person who does bad things against God and other people.

sinner ~ (B) ~ a person who breaks God's commands.

sinner ~ (B) ~ a person who does not obey the rules of God.

sinner ~ (B) ~ In the Gospels , the word sinner sometimes means someone whom other people suppose to be guilty. But those other people may also be guilty. We all need to confess our evil deeds to God.

sinner ~ (B) ~ The Bible says that everyone is a sinner. In other words, nobody has obeyed God's law completely (James 2:10-11). So everyone should ask God to forgive them. Jesus died to suffer the punishment for all our sins (John 3:16).

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