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Easy English definition for 'sacrifice':

sacrifice ~ (A) ~ something that people gave to God. It could be food or drink as well as an animal. Some sacrifices were to give thanks to God. People also made sacrifices to make atonement . Only after they had made atonement could God forgive their sin (see Leviticus chapters 4-26). So some, not all people who made sacrifices were giving thanks to God.

sacrifice ~ (A) ~ to ask God's (or a false god's) forgiveness by killing an animal. God told the Israelites to make sacrifices to him. Usually it was a special animal that the priests killed and burned on the altar ; some of the pagans killed their children as a sacrifice; something a person gives up for a special purpose; giving up something that is important to you on behalf of someone (God); to offer yourself to work for God; Christ's death for us.

sacrifice ~ (A) ~ when you put an animal on the altar to offer it to God. To give something valuable, or die for someone, or for God.

sacrifice ~ (B) ~ a gift to God to ask him to forgive sins; or to thank him for something. A gift to God, often an animal or bird, by the Jews to ask God to forgive their sins . Jesus gave himself to die as a sacrifice for our sins .

sacrifice ~ (B) ~ life given to help other people.

sacrifice ~ (B) ~ when you put an animal on the altar to offer it to God.

sacrifice ~ (B) ~ Jesus' death for us was the perfect sacrifice. God forgives us because Jesus died for us. So we need to confess our evil deeds to God. And we need to invite Jesus into our lives. But we do not need to carry out any more animal sacrifices. See Hebrews 9:28.

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