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Easy English definition for 'prophet':

prophet ~ (A) ~ a person who hears God's words, and tells them to other people. A person who spoke God's words. Some prophets wrote books in the Bible.

prophet ~ (A) ~ a person who speaks for God. He can sometimes say what will happen in the future. Someone who says what God thinks and will do.

prophet ~ (A) ~ a person who told to other people what God wanted; someone who spoke for God a long time ago; someone who told about things before they happen.

prophet ~ (B) ~ someone who tells God's messages; a person whom God sends to speak for him; someone who is able to tell the will of God to others; someone who declares God's words.

prophet ~ (B) ~ A false prophet is someone who merely pretends to speak God's words. A false prophet's ideas may come from his own imagination. Or they may come from evil spirits.

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