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Easy English definition for 'mercy':

mercy ~ (A) ~ God's love to people; when he does not remember the bad things that we do.

mercy ~ (A) ~ help to those who are in need or difficulty; the love that God has when he makes us good; God's love and the good things that he does; the feeling of love that God has towards all that he has made; being kind to bad people.

mercy ~ (A) ~ to be kind to bad people.

mercy ~ (A) ~ to be kind when you do not have to be kind.

mercy ~ (A) ~ when we are kind and help a person who does wrong; we do it to show that God loves them.

mercy ~ (B) ~ God's love and goodness.

mercy ~ (B) ~ the love that God shows when he forgives.

mercy ~ (B) ~ God's attitude because of his love. He forgives everyone who confesses their evil deeds to him, because of Jesus' death. See John 3:16.

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