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Easy English definition for 'Amen':

Amen ~ (A) ~ that is true. We all agree.

Amen ~ (A) ~ we agree; it is true; that is right.

Amen ~ (A) ~ when you think it is right to say 'YES!' to something that someone has said.

amen ~ (B) ~ a word from the Hebrew language that means we agree, or it is true, or let it be so.

amen ~ (B) ~ a word to show that one agrees. People often use this word at the end of a prayer.

amen ~ (B) ~ a word used to show agreement with the speaker or writer.

Amen ~ (B) ~ we agree; it is true; that is right; let it be so.

More information: 'Amen' in the Bible (from over 100 free online books). Our level (A) definitions are simpler than level (B).

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