Praising a strong God

(from Psalm 29)





Give God the glory.

He is a great God.

Praise him as the king.


His voice can be heard over the seas.

It is very strong.

It is the voice of a king.


Godís voice can make the mountains

jump like wild animals.

His voice can make the dry lands shake.

His voice can break big trees.

His voice can make trees fall down.


Everybody in Godís house shouts,

ĎGlory to God.

The Lord is king for ever.

The Lord makes his people strong.

The Lord makes his people happy.

He gives us peace.í





We praise God

because he is great.

We praise God

because he is very strong.

He is our king.













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This publication is written in Accessible EasyEnglish.

April 2003

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