God is angry with Nineveh
(from Nahum chapter 1)





God is angry with the people of Nineveh.


God is good. He hates bad things.

God punishes people who do not obey him.

He does not get cross very easily.


God is very strong.

He is like a strong wind. He is strong like a storm.

He can make the sea and rivers dry up.

He can make the flowers and plants die.

He can make the mountains and hills shake.

All the earth shakes when God comes.

He is stronger than anybody else.

He is stronger than anything else.



God is very good.

He is a safe place to hide in bad times.

He cares for people who trust him.


But God is angry with the people of Nineveh.

They do not obey him. God will punish them.

They will all die. Everything will be destroyed.


All the other countries will be free now.

All their people can be happy.

It is good news that God will destroy Nineveh.



By Helen M Seeley

2006, Wycliffe Associates (UK)

This publication is written in Accessible EasyEnglish.

November 2006

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