Jesus is alive

An EasyEnglish Story Unit (AEE) from Matthew’s Good News

Joyce Ferrie



On Sunday morning very early

2 women came to the tomb.



There was an earthquake.

An angel came and rolled the big stone away.



The angel opened the tomb.

The guards were afraid.

They fell down in fear.

They ran away back to the leaders.


The angel said to the women,

“Do not be afraid. Jesus is not here.

He is alive again.

Go and tell his friends that he is alive again.

He will meet them soon.

Do not forget what I have told you.”

The women ran to tell Jesus’ friends.

Suddenly Jesus met them.

They bowed down.

“Do not be afraid”, said Jesus.

“Go and tell my friends about me.”


The guards ran back to the leaders.

They told them what had happened.

The leaders did not like that. They made a plan.

They gave money to the guards.

“You must say that Jesus’ friends came at night and stole his body.”

The guards took the money.

They told lies about what really happened,



Jesus is alive.




Matthew 28:1-15.


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June 2009

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